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Armenian Black Belt Academy of Nagorno Karabakh

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From the very first day of its conception, the main aim of the Wushu Federation of Artsakh was to spiritually uplift and embrace the Armenian sportsmen's lucid love and devotion towards the mother country, and to foster genuine protectors to safeguard Armenia’s holy highlands.


Today, Artsakh particularly needs sons whose souls must be full of love, life and truth, as well as affluent in the unrelenting struggle for its unflinching belief in both Democracy and the the future. This is the primary idea of the Wushu Federation of Artsakh. During the past six (6) years the ever vibrant spirit of patriotism has continuously flowed into the heart of each sportsman by their dedicated martial-arts and wushu coaches. During its initial six (6) years of activity, the Federation succeeded in realizing it’s absolute and honest aims under the motto of a healthy body, alert mind, and honest soul.


ABBA is an International Martial Arts, Non-Governmental Organization, Health and Disciplines Academy with centers in Lebanon, France, the United States of America, Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh).

These past six (6) years clearly established the Wushu Federations source of inspiration for Artsakh’s progressing youth. By embracing an internal source of moral upbringing for future generations, the Wushu Federation symbolizes vivid patriotism, heroic deeds and self-sacrifice, encouraging and motivating future Artsakh generations. At present, the Wushu Federation’s originally intended ideals of patriotism, democratic belief and truth have become reality.

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