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Through research, education and advocacy, the Assembly works to strengthen U.S./Armenia and U.S./Nagorno Karabakh relations, promotes Armenia's and Karabakh's democratic development and economic prosperity and seeks universal affirmation of the Armenian Genocide.

With a nation-wide network of volunteer activists, lay leaders, and staff in Washington, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Yerevan, Stepanakert and Gyumri, the Assembly works with the Administration, Congress, and other policy makers in Washington, D.C., and state legislatures to advance issues of concern to Armenian-Americans.

Grassroots and Congressional Affairs

The Assembly's grassroots advocacy program - the Armenian American Action Committee (ARAMAC) - mobilizes Armenian-Americans in all 50 states to contact their Members of Congress and the White House on pending legislation and critical policy issues. Through timely briefings and "Action Alerts," community forums and the National Advocacy Conference, ARAMAC educates activists on key issues, empowering them to effectively and directly communicate with Congress, the Administration and the media.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs aggressively supports the Assembly's programs, particularly Government Relations, through proactive, coordinated and regular communication with mainstream and Armenian-American media. Our target audiences include the Administration, Members of Congress and their staff, think tanks, academicians and the Armenian-American community. To that end, it offers the Assembly as a credible news source. Public Affairs produces the Assembly's Annual Report and its popular publications Armenia This Week, Assembly This Week and Month in Review and manages the Web site.

Promoting Armenian-American issues and establishing the Assembly as a critical source for media seeking reliable information and informed viewpoints on the Caucasus continues to guide Public Affairs activity. Now, more than ever, there is a need for more information and education relative to Armenian-American issues and the Assembly is committed to fulfilling this need. We encourage journalists to visit Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh. Public Affairs staff in Washington and Yerevan offer assistance to those who do.

Research and Information

Supporting the Assembly's programs with research, analysis, and links to the scholarly community.

Western Office

An important link between our work in Washington, DC and our grassroots supporters throughout the Western United States.

Assembly Affiliated Organizations

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