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Aramazd is a folk/industrial metal band formed in 2000 in Yerevan, Armenia.


Aramazd combines Armenian traditional folk music with the drive and brutal extremity of such generes as industrial metal, black metal, thrash metal using such non-conventional instruments like Armenian duduk, zurna, dhol, shvi and such.


Aramazd was formed by Artashes Mkrtchyan (a.k.a. Aramazd). Initially Aramazd consisted of two members Aramazd and Macab and they used to play old style raw black metal but following Macab's departure the band gradually switched to the genre which plays now. To this day Aramazd released single, demo and is now preparing a full album which is scheduled in second half of 2009.


  • Armenian Folk Music
  • Ara Gevorgyan
  • Rammstein
  • Ministry
  • The Kovenant (1999 onward)
  • Dodheimsgard
  • Aborym
  • Burzum (early)
  • Mayhem (97 onward)
  • Arcturus
  • Sepultura (1994-1996)


  • "Aramazd" (Demo) - 2000
  • "Hovern Ynkan" (Single) - 2001
  • "The Beginning Of The...AR" (Single) - 2007


  • Artashes "Aramazd" Mkrtchyan - Vocals, Guitar, Programming, Concept
  • "Ardi" - Programming, Keyboard

Former Members

  • Armen "Macab" - Guitar

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