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Aram Hamparian

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Birth name Aram Suren Hamparian
Birth date 18 April 1966
Resides in Washington DC
Affiliations ANCA
Languages English, Armenian
Spouses Aregnazan Manucharyan
Relatives Raffi Hamparian

Armenian National Committee of America Washington, DC Office Executive Director.


As ANCA Executive Director, I serve as the organization’s national point-person with the Administration, Congress, the media, and the Washington, DC foreign policy community. In cooperation with regional offices, more than 50 local chapters, dozens of coalition partners, hundreds of community affiliates, and thousands of grassroots activists, I work daily on a broad range of legislative, policy, research, political, campaign, media, coalition, and community-related concerns. I have testified before Congress, lectured at the National Defense University, the Foreign Service Institute, and USAID, been quoted by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, AP, and Reuters, and appeared on CNN, BBC, RT, Al Jazeera, and many other media outlets.

We're All Armenians

We’re all Armenians:

With or without an “ian” or “yan” at the end of our names.

Folks with two Armenian parents, or one, or who are 1/4, 1/8, a 1/16, 1/32, or (like the late Princess Diana) 1/64 Armenian.

Kids who’ve been adopted into Armenian families, or husbands and wives who’ve married into our community.

Those in Armenia and from around our global diaspora.

First or fifth (or fifteenth) generation immigrants.

Armenian speakers or not.

Left, right, or center. Of all types, tastes, and varieties.

Those who serve and sacrifice, and those yet to fully find their place.

Of all faiths, or no faith. Christian (like so many of us) or Muslim (like our Hamshen brothers and sisters).

Part Kurdish, part Assyrian, part anything and everything: You’re 100% of every part of your heritage – including 100% Armenian!

Armenians by birth, by choice, by citizenship, by spirit, by partnership . . . or by accident.

We’re all Armenians.

We each – for reasons as myriad and sometimes as mysterious as the stars – bring something unique to the Armenian equation.

And so, it’s with arms open to the world and all its wonder and diversity, that we cherish our special place among the family of nations and treasure our ever-evolving contribution to the rich tapestry of human civilization.

We’re Armenians, and we stand together, as proud sons and daughters of our ancient tribe, in believing in and building a bright and brilliant future for ourselves and all humanity.

-Aram Suren Hamparian

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