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Surb Yerrordutyun Church (Aragatsavan)

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Church view
General view
Interior view

Make your way to Karakert Village. From there take the road NW to Arteni, then Aragatsavan village. About 11km W of Karakert, beyond the Military Zone (permission needed from Ministry of Foreign Affairs) lie two very old churches, perched on the border with Turkey above the Arax River. The six sided Surb Yerrordutyun (Սուրբ Երրորդություն)[1] church (GPS - 40.359589,43.596759) of the VI-VII cc[2] is medium sized, with multiple altars (բազմախորան)[3], located just under the crest of the gorge and has a tiled roof. A second Little Aragatsavan Church (GPS - 40.214538,43.66279) is also in the military zone, perched on a land penisula is a bit of a hike from the road, on the Arax, directly across the river from the Turkish village of Kilittash Ke (sp?). It is a very small church, with countless bullet holes on the side facing Turkey. When you get permission to visit (free) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you go to the village of Aragatsavan, and the entrance to the military zone is a few hundred meters past the village.



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