Ara Vartkes Darzi

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Sir Dr. Ara Vartkes Darzi, the new British Healthcare Minister, studied for six years in Baghdad College (the nationalized American Jesuits High School in Baghdad). He passed the State Baccalaureate Exams in 1978 (the same year I passed these exams). Then, he immediately left Iraq to study in the Medicine School in Dublin. For elementary school, Ara went to Al-Nidamiya (former Frank Ayni) School (the nationalized Jewish School in Baghdad).

His family was well-known in Baghdad. They left Iraq to UK in the 1980's. Ara's classmates still remember him. Although I was not his classmate, but I still remember him[1]. We both passed the state baccalaureate exams in the same year (1978). Then, I was very astonished that he didn't continue his education in Iraq and went to Dublin, as he had got, like me, high marks in the exams and could study medicine in Iraq. The Iraqi medicine certificate was well-respected throughout the world. I realize now that he had made his right decision then. Ara is of pure Armenian ethnicity.Yesterday, I found his family record in Iraqi Orthodox Armenian Diocese. His father's name and surname is Vartkes Nasif Terzian, born in Mosul (Northern city of Iraq) in 1930 (mother's name is Arevalus). Ara's mother's name and surname is Dikranuhi Samvel Hagopian, born in Baghdad in 1934 (mother's name is Hayganush). Ara was born May 7, 1960 in Baghdad. He had got another name (Freddi) in the records, and as we see from the attached story, this is too the name of his son.