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Antalya is a city in Turkey.

Armenian Genocide

Sabir Sami Bey, former lieutenant governor of Antalya, said that he had received a coded telegram from Sakir inquiring about his plan of action: "Now that the Armenians have been dispatched to Zor, so that not a single one of them remains in the areas around Erzurum, Van, Bitlis, Diyarbakir, Sivas and Trabzon, what is being done in Antalya?"[1]

Armenia asks Turkey to allow flights between Antalya, Yerevan

The New Anatolian / Ankara 7 April 2005

Amid increasing tension between Turkey and Armenia due to continued efforts by Armenians to urge world recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Armenia yesterday asked Ankara to allow flights between Antalya and the capital Yerevan.

Private Armenian airline Armavia currently has flights between Yerevan and Istanbul twice a week, and asked permission to add a Yerevan-Antalya route.

Antalya is the nearest vacation destination for Armenians, and those who choose to come to Turkey on holiday can stay in Turkey for up to one month by paying only $10 at the point of entry to the country. The number of visiting Armenians is now 20,000 during the winter, reaching 50,000 during the summer.

Foreign Ministry examines request

The Foreign Ministry is considering the Armenian request to begin flights between Antalya and Yerevan. If approved, the flights will begin this year.

Turkey also permits Armenian planes to use Turkish airspace.


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