Ani Plaza Hotel

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Ani Plaza Hotel was built in central Yerevan on Sayat Nova Avenue during Soviet times, and was privatized in 1999. The new owners were a group of Armenians in California, who remodeled the hotel and renamed it. The original name was simply Ani Hotel.

After the privatization, a mezzanine floor of offices was created, and a swimming pool was added. A low level wing on the east side of the hotel was sold off to developers, who are building a high rise building next door to the hotel.


YEREVAN (Golos Armenii daily), 01/30/99 — According to the order of Minister of Industry and Trade Hayk Gevorgian, hotel Ani will close for two years reconstruction from March 26, 1999. Personnel of the hotel, 210 people, will remain jobless in this period. They will discuss their future with the new owners of the hotel on February 1.

100 percent of stock of the hotel were sold for $4mln. to ANI Enterprises LLC of California in August, 1998. The company was established by USA Armenians Ralf and Savey Tufenkian, Kostia Shirvanian, Marco Brambalian and Mimo Baroyan.

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