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Ani King-Underwood

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Ani King-Underwood, a Beirut-born Armenian documentary film-maker, still owns the deeds to her family's pre-genocide property in todays Turkey. Her mother was 40 days old when the family left during the deportations with Nansen papers (Fridtjof Nansen was a Norwegian diplomat, explorer and 1922 Nobel peace prize winner, a kind of early Raoul Wallenberg, who provided an escape for many Armenians using League of Nations documents). The British refused Ani's family entry into Palestine or Egypt, but finally permitted them to live in camps on Cyprus. Her 23-year-old law student son, Gregory, has an English father but is a fluent Armenian speaker. He takes an active part in the Armenian community and promotes the young Armenians' website, Here, the group RBO Unlimited have produced a rap song about the genocide.