And Those Who Continued Living in Turkey after 1915

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And Those Who Continued Living in Turkey after 1915
Book-cover-and those who continued living in turkey after 1915.jpg
Author Rubina Peroomian
Publication Year 2008
Format Hardbound
No. of Pages 277
Language English
Category Society & Culture, Genocide

And Those Who Continued Living in Turkey after 1915: The Metamorphosis of the Post-Genocide Armenian Identity as Reflected in Artistic Literature by Rubina Peroomian.

In the atmosphere of the precariousness of minority rights in Turkey and government's persistence in denying the existence of the Armenian issue as well as its continuing policy of pressure and selective approach to history, a prescribed national identity covering all ethnic groups in Republican Turkey was enforced and the Armenian collective suffering of the past was buried in silence. With the recent political developments in the world, the wall of silence is breached. The events of 1915 and the plight of the Armenian survivors in Turkey, be they Christian, Islamized, or hidden, are espoused and fictionalized in literature produced in Turkey.

The book addresses the issues of the psychology of the survivors of the massacres who remained in Turkey, their lifestyle after tragedy, and the struggle to preserve their identity.