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Altan Tan

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1915 EVENTS WERE GENOCIDE - TURKISH MP Oct 17 2011 Armenia

ISTANBUL. - Turkish MP from Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party, Altan Tan restated his words recently said in the international scientific conference in Artuklu University in Mardin, Turkey in the interview with Agos Armenian newspaper published in Istanbul.

Altan insisted that Kurds and Muslims also played a role in the 1915 Genocide implemented against Armenians.

"Not all Kurds though took a sword. However, Kurds do have their serious share of blame in the Genocide," Altan stated criticizing also the attitude of the Muslims in rejecting the Genocide.

Altan Tan had earlier stated that as a political figure he calls the 1915 events Genocide implemented against Armenians. No matter what the conditions were, those people were killed. The proof is the territory and the demographic situation. At that time 13 million people lived in Turkey and Armenians made 10% of the population. Currently the population is 75 million, while Armenians are only 40,000, MP had stated.