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Alicia Ghiragossian

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Alicia Ghiragossian is a poet. She was born in Argentina to Armenian parents, and has made her home in Glendale, California for 18 years (as of September 1996). Alicia has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature. It was the first time that a person of Armenian descent was ever nominated in any of the categories.

"At times, I feel like I'm walking on clouds --- I have not totally awakened to the fact that I've been nominated," she said.

Although this writer is not widely known in the United States, she has been published regularly in Armenia since 1967, and is one of that country's national treasures.

"I've been loved and honored by the Armenian people for three decades," she said.

Her nomination was supported by hundreds of intellectuals and the highest representatives of the Republic of Armenia, headed by the president of the nation, Dr. Levon Ter-Petrossian, as well as the presidents of the National Academy and others. Ghiragossian has daughter Lara, who was a political science major at San Francisco State.