Albert Ghazaryan

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Prosecutor of the region of Lory and Third Class State Adviser of Justice Albert Ghazaryan was shot dead by an unknown person near his house on his way home from work on August 25, at around 00:20.

As Prosecutor Office Press Secretary Sona Truzyan informs, Ghazaryan has been shot with four bullets and was injured in his back, shoulders and neck. The investigation discovered four Macarov type gun shells at the place of the accident.

The operative-investigation group lead by temporary acting chief prosecutor of Armenia, Mnatsakan Sargsyan, has been at the place of the accident. The place of the accident has been investigated and the body has been examined. Medical and judiciary tests have been appointed.

A criminal case has been instituted based on article 104 of the Armenian Criminal Code. A qualified team from prosecutor’s office, police and national security services has been set up. All measures are taken to unveil the circumstances of the murder and to discover the guilty. Preliminary investigation results will be further reported.

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