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African plague to raise pork price?

A telephone call from Russia to the Armenian agriculture ministry claimed that the African plague is officially in Armenia, especially infecting pigs. was informed about this by Gagik Tovmasyan, who heads the animal health division of the ministry. We remind that samples have been sent to laboratories in Russia and England to find out if the African plague is actually present in Armenia.

Tovmasyan stated that the main regions where pigs thrive, Lori and Tavush, have set up police checks to make sure the possibly-infected meat doesn’t leave those regions. “If we see a sick animal, we don’t hesitate, we kill it,” he said. Not only do they kill the animal, Tovmasyan stressed, they bury it. They also bury any animals which had contact with the sick pig, as the virus is contagious.

Due to this activity, over 100 pigs are buried every day. A list is made and given to farmers, who may later receive compensation in the case of taxes.

Tovmasyan didn’t think the price of pork in Yerevan would increase as a result of the infection. “On the other hand,” he said, “the price of pork should go down.”


Today’s data says 2800 pigs with “African plague” were killed in the republic. Most pigs are killed in the region of Tavush (about 1500) followed by region of Lory (1200), Gevorg Tovmasyan, veterinary inspection deputy head, told In his words, quarantine is announced only in these two regions so far. He said quarantine was not announced in Spitak, Stepanavan of Lory and in the region of Tashir since infection was not detected there. He also said infection was detected in Yerevan and Village Burastan Ararat region with restrictions imposed.

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