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15levels.com / Creative Portfolio 2009 Ruben Malayan was born (27.03.1971) in Yerevan, Armenia and currently works from Tel Aviv, Israel. He has a degree in Fine Arts and has participated since 1990 in annual exhibitions at the Union of Armenian Artists and the Institute of Fine Arts in Yerevan, Armenia. For the past several years, he has been working on research about the art of specialized scripts, and has developed a portfolio of unique stylized Armenian calligraphy.

Ruben Malayan is also a founder of the "Armenian Genocide in Contemporary Graphic & Art Posters" project, which has received wide coverage in Israeli, Dutch and Armenian media, including interviews conducted and broadcasted by Dutch and Armenian National TV. During his work in The Netherlands from 2000-2002, Ruben participated in the documentary by Dutch filmmaker Maartje Nevejan "Virtual Fatherlands" - a film about the concept of "fatherland" and its virtual manifestations. In 2005, Ruben's graphic posters were published in Yair Auron's new book on the Armenian genocide, (published in Hebrew by Open University Press).

Ruben is fluent in Armenian, English and Hebrew.

Contact Ruben at 15levels @ gmail dot com

Fine Arts Graphic Design & VFX Creative & Stock Photography

Armenian Calligraphy

Armenian Genocide in Contemporary Graphic & Art Posters 2002-2009

Ruben Malayan