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Work on began in late 2004, with the intention of becoming a living online repository of all things Armenian. This site replaces and expands upon the material of, its predecessor. is a closed wiki. Volunteers are welcome, but you must request an account. This is in order to maintain the quality of the information of the site.

The information contributed becomes part of the site. Please post your own work, or work you have the right to post here. Copyrighted material should either be used with permission - which should be mentioned on the page ("Used with permission..."), or if permission has not been obtained, you should place {{copy}} on the page, which will cause a notice to appear asking for help in extracting the facts from the copyright material and removing it as soon as possible. As well if you have copyright material you would like to add to Armeniapedia while retaining your copyright, just let me know. I will let you know how the material can easily be added on your own pages, with your copyright notice, then locked to prevent anyone else from changing them.

Permission to reuse the material from this site must be obtained by contacting armeniapedia (-at-) gmail (dot) com. Oftentimes it is not a problem, but it is not automatically granted!

Now please enjoy the site, and feel free to join the community of visitors who have chosen to contribute additional information, photos and knowledge to the world about anything having to do with Armenia and Armenians.



Because this is a continuation of - I would like some of the people who were especially supportive of that effort, and some of whom continue to help with this one. Special thanks to Richard Sevadjian for all of his time and encouragement. Vicken Khachadourian and Hagop Bedrossian have also been extremely supportive, making a lot of new content possible. Thanks to the Svazlian family. Many others have helped with various pages and information. With this new site, I hope thousands of people will be able to contribute whatever knowledge/time they are able in order to make this a true online encyclopedia about Armenia and Armenians everywhere.

Also thank you to the following publications for cooperating with Armeniapedia and issuing special permission to use their copyright materials. Please respect their copyright by always including the appropriate notice after their material (by including the double brackets and the abbreviation in between).

  • Armenian General Benevolent Union {{agbu}}
  • Armenian Mirror Spectator {{mirror}}
  • Armenian Weekly by Hairenik {{hairenik}}
  • RFE/RL {{rferl}}
  • {{armenianow}}

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