Zankou Chicken

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The first Zankou Chicken opened in 1962 in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon by Vartkes Iskenderian and his family. After serving Lebanon's diverse community for 20 years, Vartkes and his son Mardiros Iskenderian sold the business and moved to Los Angeles, California. In 1984, Zankou opened its doors in Hollywood at the corner of Sunset and Normandie. Centered in the heart of America's motion picture industry, Zankou attracted thousands of aspiring actors, writers, artists, and musicians with its delicious, inexpensive meals.

In 1992, Mardiros Iskenderian opened Zankou Chicken in Glendale. The restaurant was heavily crowded on opening day, and the immense success of that branch led him to open further Zankou Chicken restaurants in Van Nuys, Anaheim, and Pasadena. Zankou's legendary garlic sauce and exceptionally fast food still attract new customers every day.

Quotes about Zankou Chicken

That Zankou is legendary is no doubt. Here are some worthy quotes about it.

Chicken chains have cult followings. Los Angelenos worship Zankou's Armenian

chicken and its pungent garlic sauce. -New York Times (Feb 23 2005)

"The best chicken in town at any price: moist, juicy and fragrant." - L.A. Times

Zankou Chicken is also mentioned in the Beck song, Debra.

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