Whole Plains Strewn By Armenian Bodies -nyt19150320

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March 20, 1915

WHOLE PLAIN STREWN BY ARMENIAN BODIES - Turks and Kurds Reported to Have Massacred Men, Women and Children.

LONDON, March 19.-Appalling accounts of conditions in Armenia have reached the officials in London of the Armenian Red Cross Fund and have been given out by them.

The latest recital is from an Armenian doctor named Derderian, who says that the whole plain of Alashgerd is virtually covered with the bodies of men, women and children.

When the Russian forces retreated from this district the Kurds fell upon the helpless people and shut them up in mosques. The men were killed and the women were carried away to the mountains.

The organizers of the Red Cross Fund say there are 120,000 destitute Armenians now in the Caucasus.

PETROGRAD, March 19.-A telegram from Urumiah, Northwestern Persia, says that prior to the evacuation of towns between Julfa and Tabriz the Turks and Kurds, who were retreating before the Russian advance, pillaged and burned the villages and put to death some of the inhabitants.

At Salmaz, Pagaduk, and Sarna orders are said to have been given by the Turkish Commissioner for the destruction of the Towns.

All the Armenian inhabitants of Antvat were collected and, according to this message, 600 males were put to death, and the women, after being compelled to embrace the Mohammedan faith, were divided into parties and sent to various interior towns.