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Western Armenian people, and the language, are basically those Armenians and the dialects they speak which originated in the Ottoman Empire (basically, anywhere outside of the former USSR and Iran). Western Armenian is still written in the original spelling system invented by Mesrop Mashtots.


One thing the Western Armenian language has which Eastern Armenian does not, is a special way to say "very", depending on the word in question. For example, instead of using shad which is the standard word for very in describing something that is very black, the word sep can be used. It has no meaning on its own, but in conjunction with the word black, sep sev comes to mean very black. Here is a list of known examples.

  • sep sev
  • jep jermag
  • gas garmir
  • gas gabwid
  • tep teghin
  • gas gananch
  • lep letsun
  • bas barab
  • mis minag
  • ship shidag
  • dzups dzur
  • chop chor
  • tap tats
  • pas parag
  • nip nihar

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