Western Armenia

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Western Armenia, loosely defined as those parts of Historic Armenia which were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, or sometimes more concretely defined as the six Armenian vilayets of the Ottoman Empire were virtually completely depopulated of Armenians during centuries of persecution, kidnappings of Armenian girls, massacres, and finally the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian history and presence in these parts of Anatolia stretched back for over 3,000 years and ever since the genocide Turkish government has allowed - through neglect and deliberate policy - most traces of the Armenian presence to be destroyed and lost, while simultaneously preventing Armenians from returning or reclaiming their old homes and monuments. Dozens of Armenian dialects were lost, as the dispersed Armenian survivors learned the standardized Constantinople dialect of Armenian in order to be able to understand one another.

This section is a repository of information on the Armenian presence and history in these parts.

Major Settlements

The following is a list of towns and cities in Western Armenia with a significant Armenian presence before the Armenian Genocide. Cilicia is treated seperately.

Metskert (Մեծկերտ, Мецкерт). was added, but what is it?