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Vernissage Market - misc aisle

The French word “Vernissage” (a private showing held before the opening of an art exhibition) has been rooted in the vocabulary of Yerevanians since the late 1970s.

Originally this word represented the inauguration of a temporary exhibition. However, the Vernissage has been proven to be one of the most important and constant elements of Yerevan’s cultural life.

It was established in the mid-1980s by Armenian artists who displayed their art in the square in front of the Union of Armenian Artists. Initially, mainly art students displayed their work in a small park by the Komitas Monument, right in front of Yerevan’s Conservatory. After some time, the Vernissage gradually moved to the Saryan Monument, located in the middle of an-other small park facing the Main Hall of the Armenian Philarmonic. There, it became the most important center of art exhibition in the city. It’s popularity during the 90s not only attracted more artists, but also many other merchants with a variety of items for sale. Consequently, the market expanded including the area between Nalbandian and Khandjian streets.

Nowadays, you can find almost anything in this open market. In just a few blocks, you will see, besides art, carpets, old collections of coins and medallions, jewelry, music, books, carved wood, lace, embroidery, ceramics, posters, food, tools, parts for electronics and even pets.

The Vernissage is the perfect place to get a little taste of Armenia and a unique scenario to witness the fusion between national traditions with contemporary taste.