Vartkes Tchakerian

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Vartkes_Tchakerian&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Vartkes Tchakerian Mars symbol.svg
Birthplace Addis Ababa
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Lived in Ethiopia, Lebanon, Australia
Resides in Melbourne
Death place Mebourne
Death date 2012/06/23
Resting place Melbourne
Profession Printer
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Western Armenian
Spouses Diana (Sissian)
Children Souren, Berdj and Doreen

Vartkes Tchakerian passed away in Melbourne, Australia, at the age of 85. He was born in Addis Ababa and started his schooling there but later spent six years in Lebanon at a Francophone school. When his father died, Vartkes was only 14. At that time, his maternal aunt, Barkevouhi Surmeyan, brought her sister and nephews, Chahriman and Vartkes, back to Ethiopia. Both brothers worked in their aunt's stationery business, Surmeyan Stationers, and later started the Commercial Printing Press with Vartkes as its Managing Director.

As a young member of the Ethio-Armenian community, Vartkes was active in the Ararat Armenian Sporting Association. He played basketball and volleyball. He was a member of the Association's Executive Committee in the early 1950s. He coached the younger members of the Ethio-Armenian community.

He married Diana (Sissian) 53 years ago and they were blessed with three children - Souren, Berdj and Doreen.

The Tchakerian brothers inherited the businesses from their aunt and ran the operations successfully. After Emperor Haile Selassie I was dethroned in September 1974, the Derg (the leadership group of the provisional military government) nationalized banks and insurance companies on January 1, 1975, and the larger business operations in Ethiopia on February 2, 1975 - including the businesses of the Tchakerian brothers. This was followed by the nationalization of rural and urban land as well as all rental property.

As a result of these significant changes, Vartkes, together with his family, left Ethiopia for Melbourne, Australia in 1976. He started a printing business which he operated till he sold it. He remained an avid golfer, played bridge, excelled in word games and quizzes. He enjoyed his family and his four grandchildren, as well as his circle of friends who greatly appreciated his companionship and generosity.

Funeral services took place on Thursday, June 28, 2012.