Vardan Gabrielyan

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Name in Armenian Վարդան Գաբրիելյան
Birth date 1956
Education State pedagogical University after K. Abovyan, faculty of Art Education
Profession Professional Artist

Born in 1956 in Yerevan. Graduated from the Fine Arts College after P. Terlemezyan and also from the State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan. Since 1987 is a member of the USSR Young Artists’ Union. Since 2001 is a member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia. From 1985 to 2010 he took part in over 24 local and international exhibitions in Moscow, Helsinki, Basel, Dubai, New Jersey, Tehran, Florence, Oldenburg and Venice. His paintings are displayed in several museums and private collections worldwide:

Since 1991 – in “Zimmerli Art Museum” in New Jersey. Since 1992 – Modern Art Museum in Armenia. Since 2006 – Museum of Mkhitarian congregation in Venice. Since 2009 – Yerevan State History Museum in Armenia. Since 2010 – Museum of Shushi in Artsakh.

Selected Personal Exhibitions:

2000 – Artists’ Union of Armenia. 2001 – National Gallery of Armenia. 2004 – Ararat Diocese.

He’s the author of over 1600 original paintings and 500 graphics. Three films and one documentary are dedicated to Vardan Gabrielyan’s art.

Facts about "Vardan Gabrielyan"
Birth year1,956 +
EducationState pedagogical University after K. Abovyan + and faculty of Art Education +
Name in ArmenianՎարդան Գաբրիելյան +
Person nameVardan Gabrielyan +
ProfessionProfessional Artist +