Vardan Antonyan

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Birth name Vardan Antonyan
Birthplace Tehran, Iran
Birth date 16 June 1966
Lived in Leninakan, Glendale, Kazan
Resides in Glendale, CA
Education Bachelors from ERPI
Profession Electronics Engineer
Languages Armenian, Russian & English
Dialects Eastern Armenian, Persian Armenian
Ancestral villages Isfahan
Spouses Margarita Safaryan
Children Ani Antonyan, Arman Antonyan


I was born in Tehran, Iran on June 16th, 1966, in the lovely Antonyan family. The family was large by today's standards, with seven kids, and I enjoyed growing up surrounded by my brothers and sisters. I was the youngest and, contrary to popular belief, was not spoiled at all. Our family immigrated to Armenia in 1973, and established residence in Leninakan (now called Gyumri). People from this region of Armenia are known for their great sense of humor, valuing tradition, and they are tough due to the harsh weather and high elevation (4952').

My identity was formed in this region, and I finished High school(#35), and graduated from ERPI College there. During my teenage years, I started a rocket building club, and attended Amateur Radio club for years. My love for electronics started during those years, and I ended up building all kinds of Radio receivers and transmitters. I participated in amateur radio competitions, and I even learned Morse code.

Throughout my early years, I was an avid reader and was known to read a book a day. One year, my librarian counted that I checked out 360 books in one year. I started with the classics and read all the works of Alexander Duma and his son, then Mine Reed, then I moved science fiction, reading authors such as Jules Verne, Wells, Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov, Harry Harrison, etc.

Afterwards, my interest shifted towards technology and electronics. My interest in Electronics peaked when I read "Art of Electronics". Since then, I've loved this profession. My first summer job, at the age of 16, taught me the valuable lesson that I want to become someone in life with valued skills, and since then I have worked in several professions starting with Machinist Apprentice, then Electrician, next Electronics Technician, and later CNC installation and maintenance Engineer.

At age 24, my family and I immigrated to the USA, and at first I didn't want to go along, because I would have to uproot my newly started career, but family comes first. We resided in Glendale, California, and to my disappointment I had to start my career from zero again. I worked at odd jobs for three years until I found my first job as an Electrician. After that my career picked up and I became an Electronics Technician, Junior Engineer, Hardware Engineer, and today I am a Senior Hardware Engineer who has fifteen years of experience in the field. Currently was self-employed for two years doing Contract Engineering work for various companies. Currently I am employed by Aerospace and Military hardware development company, happily married, and looking forward to new ventures in science and technology. I got married in 1998 and I am happy to have my two children and lovely wife. During my engineering career, I started several companies, and, although they were successful, I could not quit my day job.


I have published several articles in EDN and electronics design please see:

Preserving Raffi works

One of my projects I dedicated my time was preserving Raffi's works for future generations. This effort produced a the book Khatchagoghí Hiqhatakaranâ (1889-70) ISBN: 978-1434356727 that is currently available worldwide. This venture took large financial effort totally based on self funding and took us (me and my employees) about 3 years to complete. The next book was completed in six months and one after only in three months. I was excited that after publishing the first book we will see returns which will help us digitize rest of the Raffi books but my expectations did not realize. In 2014 I started kickstarter campaign to raze money that did not get sufficient funding. Please see [1]. There is some recent interest and hopefully I will see this project funded.


As a rule of thumb I learn at one programming language or skill every year and generally love learning. Last year I learned R and R studio. So many things to learn and so little time. I have some real hobbies that are too numerous but I will try to list:

  • Fishing
  • Woodworking, this is my latest and most dear for now
  • Building and lunching rockets. I would love to make a profession out of this like Elon Musk
  • Camping
  • Rock collecting
  • Programming

Favorite Books

Art of electronics, Zero to one, Super Intelligence

Favorite Authors

Raffi, Harry Harrison, Isaac Asimov, Jules Vern, Dale Carnegie etc...