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The Vannic Armenian Kingdom was founded by Arame. The Vannic kingdom was sometimes thought to overlap with Urartu.


Vannic inscriptions consolidated the Vannic Armenian Kingdom in 880 BC[1]. Similarly, the king Argishti of the Vannic inscriptions has been linked to Khorenatsi Ara. The Kingdom appears to have lasted for three centuries. In 600 BC, just before Assyria itself fell to the Medes, the region was incorporated by Darius as the 13th and 18th satrapies of the Persian Empire. [1] There are numerous Vannic inscriptions described by Moses of Khoren, noted by Jean Saint-Martin. [2]

In 1871 Lenormant179 took up the task where Hincks and Rawlinson had laid it down. His method was scientific, and, like all his work, learned and searching. He first sketched the early history of Armenia, as he had learned its outlines from the Assyrian inscriptions. That was to be the historical basis of his work, and from it he hoped to extract useful geographical material which might help in the securing of names in the Vannic inscriptions. He proposed to call the language Alarodian (Herodotus, iii, 94; vii, 79), and argued that it was non- Aryan, and that its closest modern representative was Georgian. He pointed out that "bi" was the termination of the first person singular of the verb, and that parubi signified "I carried away."


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