Vahakn Dadrian

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Vahakn Dadrian is an historian, specializing in the Armenian Genocide. Dadrian, a former professor at SUNY, Geneseo, currently directs a genocide study project supported by the Guggenheim Foundation.


  • The History of the Armenian Genocide: Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus (ISBN 1571816666)
  • Warrant for Genocide: Key Elements of Turko-Armenian Conflict (ISBN 0765805596)
  • German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide: A Review of the Historical Evidence of German Complicity (ISBN 1886434026)
  • The anticipation and prevention of genocide in international conflicts: Some lessons from history (ISBN B000736PSQ)
  • The determinants of the Armenian genocide (Yale Center for international and area studies, Working paper series, Genocide studies program) (ISBN B0006RIDJC)
  • Role of the Turkish military in the destruction of Ottoman Armenians: A study in historical continuities (ISBN B0006RIDCY)
  • The Armenian genocide and the legal and political issues in the failure to prevent or punish the crime (ISBN B0006R6X4Y)
  • The historical and legal interconnections between Armenian genocide and the Jewish Holocaust: From impunity to retributive justice (ISBN B0006R6X4O)
  • Ottoman archives & denial of the Armenian Genocide (ISBN B0006RBG0A)
  • Genocide as a problem of national and international law: The World War I Armenian case and its contemporary legal ramifications (ISBN B0006ET844)
  • The Armenian genocide and the evidence of German involvement (ISBN B0006R6X58)
  • Factors of anger and aggression in genocide (ISBN B00073EFR4)
  • The key elements in the Turkish denial of the Armenian genocide: A case study of distortion and falsification (ISBN 1895485029)

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