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Sites allowing Armeniapedia use of materials

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  1. Can I used material from -you can use it for your own private personal use without asking permission. For use in publications and other websites - my policy is ASK ME FIRST! I usually say ok to requests to any use these materials with proper attribution, but not always, and not on a massive scale. Same goes for photographs.
  2. Can I use material from on - again, you must ask, and again usually I am fine with it.
  3. Can I add material from Wikipedia onto Armeniapedia? -anytime, that is their policy, but please add the {{wikipedia}} tag to the bottom of the page to make sure the page complies with fair useage and gives proper credit.
  4. Can I add a page about myself? -sure, and any other Armenian or person place or thing related to Armenians!
  5. What if I want to add something, but maintain my copyright? -that is fine, just add it in a seperate section with the appropriate disclaimer and state that it should not be edited - though this type of material might eventually migrate to a sub page.
  6. How do I reach you? -I check this page often, so it is an ideal way to reach me.
  7. Something is wrong! Something is vandalised! Fix it! -well I appreciate being told about mistakes, etc, but since this is a wiki, I appreciate even more if you fix it! :-)
  8. Who are you? -see the Raffi Kojian article

Feel free to ask anything else below... --Raffi 14:25, 21 Jan 2006 (PST)

Hello Raffi, Thanks a lot for your input and your remarks! I am new to Armenia pedia, and would like to contribute articles on Armenian music, which is the area of my expertise. Sincerely, Noki.


Hi Raffi, when are you planning to visit Envoy? I'm not working on 13th and 14th of March. Thanks. Emma.

I will be by soon, Emma. I guess you're not in anyway until Wednesday, so I will try to come in Wed or Thurs... --Raffi 06:50, 13 Mar 2006 (PST)

Calendar of Events

Hi Raffi,

I added an event to the Calendar for April 7th, but I accidentally added it to April 8th as well and I'm not sure how to take it off (since the event will be on the 7th and not the 8th)

Thanks Elina

Hi Elina - I can remove it for you - but which city did you post it for? I checked all the cities and did not see anything like what you described... --Raffi 06:37, 13 Mar 2006 (PST)

Genocide photographs on Wikipedia

Hi. I'm an editor on Wikipedia and I was wondering, could we use the following images for our Armenian Genocide article?:

Regards, ClevelandArmenian 08:28, 17 Mar 2006 (PST)

Calendar of Events (continued)

Hi Raffi,

This is Elina again. I posted the event for the United States ca: los angeles area calendar. I posted it accidentally on the 7th and 8th of April but it should only be listed for the 7th. The event is called "AOA presents Risque" or something along those lines... hope that helps and thank you in advance for correccting the mistake. Elina

Thanks Elina - I was looking under March, though you'd said April. It's all fixed! :-) --Raffi 23:02, 19 Mar 2006 (PST)

Why not Wikipedia?

Just out of curiosity: Wikipedia has Armenian pages. Why create another site with duplicate content? -HayDegha0917

The "About the articles" section on the Main Page kind of answers this, but let me give a bit more detail since it is a good question. Wikipedia is an international encyclopedia. So an article on, say, the Armenian Population in the Ottoman Empire before WWI should be about the same either here or there. But a great deal of information that is of interest to Armenophiles around the world, would not be appropriate on wikipedia. That is why I created Armeniapedia.
A range of things that would be appropriate here but not there are:
  • The medicinal uses of Strawberries in Armenia
  • The complete writings of Tumanyan in Armenian and English
  • George Bush's stance on Armenian issues, and every April 24 statement he ever made, in it's entirety
  • A page about you and every single Armenian in the world
  • the Armenian presence at USC (clubs, professors, articles in the school newspaper)
  • Information about moving to Armenia
  • A cookbook
  • Armenian language lessons
On top of this, while both sites have a strong neutral point of view policy, here I can monitor the articles to make sure Turks do not vandalize with Turkish government sponsored sources, confusing unknowlegable editors who just don't know what is reliable information and what is not. --Raffi 22:24, 20 Mar 2006 (PST)

Want to add an event in Utah

Hi Raffi, how do I go about adding a screenign event to your pages, also do you know of anyone in the Utah community who could join us as a guest or expert on this subject matter?

The program we are airing is called "The Armenian Genocide" will air on PBS on April 18th

Thank you.

Jacqui Voland

Using a picture.

Dear Mr. Kojian:

My name is Matthew Munro. I am a student at University of Wisconsin-Platteville and will be giving a presentation on the Armenian Genocide on April 20th. May I use one of you photos ( in my publicity for this event?

Thank you.


Matthew Munro.

Sure. --Raffi 19:22, 7 Apr 2006 (PDT)

Western Armenian

Dear Mister Raffi Kojian,
I'm an Italian fan of languages and nowaday of Armenian languages.
I find the armenian lessons are very good, but... there is not only Eastern but Western Armenian too. I knew Armenian language since 1985 on an Armenian grammar in French (Western) written by F. Feydit. On the end of 1985 I got an Armenian grammar about Grabar from Mechitatists of Venice. (M. Minassian). Only in 1999 I got a course of Eastern armenian in French: L'arménien sans peine, of Mr. Goureghian. In the same year I got a very good grammar about Eastern written by M. Minassian in French. I hope you can write other lessons about Western at least.
Thank you.
Best regards.
Giua Gian Paolo. (Jeanpaul)

Hi Giua, I'm afraid that is not on the immediate agenda, as I have vast amounts of other materials to add, and no material on learning Western Armenian available, so it will have to wait. If someone out there with good knowlege of Western Armenian wanted to convert the lessons to Western, that would be fantastic! --Raffi 08:53, 21 Apr 2006 (PDT)

SOS :)

Envoy needs your help

OK, I'll stop by........ --Raffi 08:57, 21 Apr 2006 (PDT)

Old Eastern Armenian

Dear M. Raffi, I got a Bible in Estern Armenian of the year 1896. The language of this Bible is surely Eastern Armenian, but , perhaps, a dialect or an older version of Eastern Armenian. This language is different from present Armenian. E.g. The definive article is used with all cases, except genitive. The personal pronoun նրա is նորա; the verbe լինեմ, and so on is լինիմ, լինիս, լինի, and so on. The second form of presente participle (-իս դերբայ) is very used. The passive form of infinitive is -ուիլ (-վիլ). Is it possible to know from someone (an Armenian linguist) the history of the Old Eastern Armenian? Thank you. Best regards. Gian Paolo Giua (Jeanpaul)

Sorry, I don't know. --Raffi 18:54, 2 May 2006 (PDT)
I would suggest trying your question at HyeForum. They have a language forum which is frequented by a few individuals well versed in the Armenian language. 11:10, 12 July 2006 (PST)

Armenian Wikipedia

Is it okay to copy an article in Armenian from Armeniapedia and paste it into the official Armenian Wikipedia? Or should I ask the author of the article/s.

AraM 09:13, 2 May 2006 (PDT)

Which article? --Raffi 18:54, 2 May 2006 (PDT)

Anyone -- AraM 03:23, 5 May 2006 (PDT)

Hmmm, I'd rather you tell me which ones you'd like to use. I don't feel comfortable giving permission carte blanche at this point... Thanks, --Raffi 19:58, 5 May 2006 (PDT)

New Armenian related site

Please check out the following site and add Heri Aram Arabédian to your peoples list:

For more information :


Thanks - please feel free to add the name. --Raffi 20:03, 28 May 2006 (PDT)

Checking with you. I do not want to misuse this website.

Dear Raffi, Parev. I was once a very young child and learned first hand from my beloved Grandparents and all of the precious "Aunties" and "Uncles" who came over on the boats together from the Old Country fleeing oppression and Holocaust, that the genocide was real. I saw the scars and tattoos on their bodies. I heard all the horror stories and all about the struggles they had to start over in America. I loved them so, I can't express it in words. Even now, when I am an old lady, just thinking about them, seeing them in my mind's eye, I weep. My good sisters and I have tried to keep the language, the culture, the food, the history alive for our children and grandchildren. It has not been easy, as our parents married non-Armenians. We are trying to do as complete a genealogy as we can, including the dear ones that may not be blood related, but are related to us by love. I remember an Uncle Moogooch. My sisters don't remember him because they were so much younger. My sister, Marty has passed away. She would have remembered that sweet man. Uncle Moogooch and my Grandfather, Ardash Hagopian, were the best of friends and worked together at Ford Motor Company in Detroit. After retirement, Uncle Moogooch went to live in a hotel in Chicago. He called himself Mike George while working at Ford's and for those who couldn't pronounce his Armenian name. Unfortunately, I have forgotten his Armenian last name. I've had some strokes and 2 heart attacks. I think that's why. Uncle Moogooch never married, had no children. I think he passed away in the early or mid 1970's. Can you suggest any way of finding where he is buried? His last name? I think it might be the Armenian equivalent of George, but none of those names sound like his last name. I realize this is going to be a long search, but any suggestions, referrals deeply appreciated. Thank you so kindly.

Raffi, this is Is it possible to put my screen name at the bottom of my letter? Thank you!

Hello, and thank you for your message. I'm afraid I might not be a great help, but I'll try. George in Western Armenian is Kevork, or as a last name it would have been Kevorkian. There are a couple of links at the bottom of the Armenian Genealogy page of this site. One is a message board where you can ask questions on how to find where he's buried. Good luck, --Raffi 20:27, 18 May 2006 (PDT)


Parev, I saw that the calendar seem "incomplete", there's not a link for each country. As for example, in France there's a pretty exhaustive website which gives the announces of each events concerning Armenians in France. This kind of website probably exists in each country, so the links could be added in the calendar. That's all ciao !

Thanks... I was thinking of adding a link from each calender to a page on where such useful resources could be linked to. Meanwhile you should add this link to the France page for sure! --Raffi 20:03, 28 May 2006 (PDT)


Do you put in some GPS Coordinates for the objects on ?

I don't totally understand the question. I mean, the answer is clearly no, I do not put GPS for the hotels - as you can see on the page. Are you asking if I *can* add them? I guess I could, it hadn't occurred to me, but I might start collecting some coordinates for the ones outside of Yerevan... though my GPS seems broken just now... --Raffi 20:03, 28 May 2006 (PDT)


Hi Raffi

The page for Vegan recipes contains many recipes which use eggs, cheese, etc. Vegans do not consume any animal products, including eggs, butter, cheese, milk, etc. The recipes you have listed on the Vegan page are Vegetarian, but not Vegan. In the interest of not frustrating your Vegan friends (and people allergic to eggs or milk), you may want to relist the non-vegan recipes under vegetarian, or retitle the vegan page "vegetarian and vegan".

Thanks :-)

Ah, right you are, I did not look past the first two recipes when I tried to figure out the difference between ARANTS MEESI GERAGOORNER and PAHNJAREGHEN. Now I am quite confused - I guess the second is just vegetable dishes, while the first is beans, doughs. Strange. Well at least butter and eggs are easily substituted in the west. I'll have to address this somehow though, perhaps rename it Vegetable dishes... --Raffi 20:03, 28 May 2006 (PDT)

hayeren darperak

êÇñ»ÉÇ è³ýýÇ, Ù»Í ëÇñáí å³ïñ³ëï »Ù û•Ý»Éáõ Ç Ñ³Û»ñ¿Ý ï³ñµ»ñ³ÏÇÝ£ ƱÝã ¿ å¿ïù. Ù»ù»Ý³•ñ»±É, ï»Õ»ÏáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñ µ»ñ»±É, •ñ³Ï³ÝáõÃÇõÝ ÁݹûñÇݳϻ±É….

Please write to me in English if at all possible, or in Unicode at least you can copy paste the Armenian characters below the edit window, or use the Online Armenian Unicode Keyboard. I cannot read ARMSCII on my computer. Thanks. --Raffi 20:03, 28 May 2006 (PDT)


Hello Raffi -- Could you provide an english translation for the Armenian city of "Stepanavan?"

Thank You, Dan Lorber USA

I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Are you asking what the name of the city means? It is named after Stepan Shahumian, who was one of the 26 Baku Commisars. The ending, "avan" is an Armenian equivalent of "ville", as in "Dansville" or like something like that... --Raffi 18:56, 12 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Armenian font

Hi, we’ve got a problem with the Armenian fonts on the web site. Thanks. Emma

When I look at the page on the Armenian alphabet, all the letters look like rectangular boxes to me. Do I need a font for them to look right?

You need to have UNICODE working on your computer... is this still Emma, or another person? In any case, you should go to "View", then "Encoding", then just UNICODE-8 if it is not already chosen (this should be automatic). Then if you have a font like Arial Unicode on your computer, it should display correctly. --Raffi 20:42, 16 Jun 2006 (PDT)


I need help on where I go to to quickly and easily upload information onto ArmeniaPedia and create a page for my organization, the Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance. I keep on getting confused as to what I need to do and where I need to go. It's not entirely evident to me from looking at the main page on this website (though I could be missing something--I sometimes am...). Can you help me? Please?

Thanks! Stephanie

Hi Stephanie - go to Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance and click on the "edit" tab on the top of the page. --Raffi 00:56, 22 Jun 2006 (PDT)

genocide photo

I was wondering if you could email me this picture without the armeniapedia logo on it for Wikipedia use?

Fadix 11:39, 2 Jul 2006 (PDT)

Hi Fadix - I cleaned up the pic and went to upload it, but the licensing that only allows its use on Wikipedia seems to be gone. It was there a couple of months ago. Can you figure out if that is still possible, since that was the stipulation they made at the time, and none of the other licenses seem to work? --Raffi 20:55, 2 Jul 2006 (PDT)
I recieved this answer. [1]
This works better [2], just copy past and it will be OK. Fadix 15:10, 3 Jul 2006 (PDT)


Barev Dzez, Raffi.Urax em dzez het canotanal. Es Lilit Asyann em, cnundov Arcaxic.Masnagitutjamb lragrogh em. Ajgm gtnvum em Vrastanum. Ajstegh es sovorum em Georgian Institute Of Public Affairs-um, magistraturaji bajnum. Usucumy angleren e, qani wor sa amerikjan dproc e. Hima mer dprocy lavagujn usanoghneris ugharkum e pordzusucman(Practica).Indz arajarkum en gal Francia` Lyons, worteghi haj hamajnqi masin el es hagordum petq e patrastem.Sakajn bann ajn e, wormer dprocy mnalu teghy chi apahovum.Ajgm es Dzezanic xndrum em, ete hnaravor e ogneq indz gtnel contaktner mardkanc het, owqer indz karogh en ognel ajd harcum. Anchap ereaxtapart klinem. Kanxav shnorhakalutjun!!! Mnaceq barjav!!!

Lilit asryanic im elektronajin hascen e. Ete karogh eq im xndranqin patasxaneq ajs hasceov!!!

Armenian-English Dictionary using Transliterated Armenian

Hi !

I'm going to Lebanon to visit relatives, and am brushing up on my Armenian. While I'm a conjugating whiz, I've lost a lot of vocabulary. Does an Transliterated Armenian-English dictionary exist?

Thanks! Gary

Dunno about Western Armenian dictionaries, but I assume they exist. --Raffi 19:08, 8 Jul 2006 (PDT)

Hi Raffi born in Ethiopia:)

Hi Raffi, Yervant and I are both born in Ethiopia and now Australian citizens.

We could not work out who your parents are... My surnbame is Malkhassian, I am Hrair and Valentin'e eldest daughter, Yervant is Hagop and Diana Zanazanian's son.

Raffi, I came accross your site simply by accident, I was searching to see if there are in fact sights listing 'Famous Armenians' and your site took my attention.

I am on a venture in launching Yervant to the Armenian community at large.....

Yervant is venerated as one of the TOP 5 photographers of the world (BBC TV UK, ABC TV Aust), like our Yousuf Karsh, he is internationally recognised as one who has set significant milestones in the photography industry. He is a Quadruple Master of Photography and the youngest member to have been bestowed a Fellowship to the AIPP (Aust Ins of Prof Photographers). Yervant is a sought after photographer and travcels globally for assignments, he is a 'sell out' speaker at most professional conventions throughout USA and UK. He has pioneered the introduction of Digital Imaging to professional wedding and portrait photography and is the writer/creator of a professional software "Page Gallery™" which is now being translated in 3 languages other than English and is considered the 2nd most popular software in use after Photoshop™ in photography studios world wide.

Yervant is humble and....still blushes!!! Whereas I have great pride and absolutely nbo shame promoting him to all corners of the world;)

Raffi, I am on a mission!! I would like to introduce the Armenian community at large to Yervant, his talent and achievements.

When BBCX TV Uk contacted us last year, having researched for 2 years to establish 5 icons in the world todsay, Yervant's name had come up ever so ofet that they had to contact us to include him in their documentary, Yervant's immediate response was " tell them I have no time for *^%$^##it like that", well.... I was on the phone the very next minute telling the producers that Yervant "Would be delighted to take part"  !!

Do you see that we are a couple who have fun with life and love a good laugh ? ;)

Raffi, can you include my Yervant in your hall of fame?

I can most certainly provide you with a bio and references.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Anie

Hi Anie, the name Zanazanian sounds very familiar, I'm sure I heard it a few times in Melbourne when I was there a few months ago. I have not heard of Yervant till now, but will keep my eyes open on what is being written/said about him, and consider him for the hall. Meanwhile it would help if you put info on him on the page I've put aside for him: Yervant Zanazanian. Thanks, --Raffi 19:55, 23 Jul 2006 (PDT)


Dear Sir/madam

I am muslim man from pakistan and willing to marriage with an Armenian Girl she is christian. I wanted to know that will the Holly church allow me to marriage in the church premisis in a christian way? I will be very thanx full to you if you guide me GoD bless you all, Amen

Dear Sir, in the Armenian Orthodox Church, as in most Older Churches such as the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches as well as the Roman Catholic church, only people who believe in the teachings of the church and is a member of their respective church through baptism can get married in the church. You would have to speak with your fiance's priest see what he recommands you do to abandon your faith and embrace Christianity and more specifically the Armenian Orthodox Church.

Priest --Priest 19:25, 12 Aug 2006 (PDT)

List of Birds

Hi, Raffi! You're welcome! If you wanted to have also a list of amphiibians and reptiles of Armenia, I'm prepared to make it:-) Andy

Conservation in Armenia

Dear Sir Re: Conservation Work

I am a conservator currently involved with a project in Kosovo. As the second phase of our work is temporarily on hold, I took the opportunity to visit Armenia. I was intrigued with the rich cultural history and would be delighted to work there until my other work begins again. I was hoping you might know of work for which I would be suitable or would be kind enough to pass my CV on to someone who might.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Tody

Mildred (Tody) Cezar Rua Nova Do Calhariz, No 36/1º Dto 1300-429 Lisboa, Portugal Tel: 351 21 361 1288 email:

EDUCATION City & Guilds of London Art School. London, England. 1994 - 1997 Diploma in Conservation and Restoration

Institute of Archaeology.  London, England.  1993 - 1994.

Archaeological Conservation. Harvard University Extension School. Cambridge, MA. 1991 - 1993. Chemistry and Museum Studies. Southern Connecticut State College. New Haven, CT. 1969 - 1971. MS Art Education. Drew University, Madison, NJ. 1963 - 1967. BA Art History.

SELF EMPLOYMENT Private Conservation Work - 1976 - present. Cultural Heritage without Borders. Kosovo - 8/04 – present Conservation of Painted Surfaces - Hadum Mosque Colin Bowles. London, England. 2/05 - present Object conservation Cary House. Boston, MA - 12/04 - 2/05 Conservation Survey Sackler Museum. Beijing, China – 10/02 – 6/03 Volunteer - Objects Conservator Kosovo Cultural Heritage Project - 7/01 – 10/01 Conservation of Painted Surfaces - Hadum Mosque Madras Craft Foundation. Chennai, India – 1/01 – 3/01 Conservation Consultation & Training United Nations Mission in Kosovo – 12/00 – 1/01 Conservation Survey of Mural Paintings Peabody & Essex Museum 6/00 – 8/00 Conservation Survey – Asian Export Art Igreja da Misericórdia de Santarém, Portugal 5/00 Polychromed Sculpture

EMPLOYMENT Junqueira 220 Lisbon. 1997 - 1999 Royal Academy London. 1994 - 1997. Peabody and Essex Museum, Salem, MA. 1992 - 1993.

EXPERIENCE British Museum. London, England . Organics Conservation Intern. 3/97 - 5/97. The Institute Zavod za Restauriranje Umjetnina. Croatia. Polychromed Wood Conservation Intern. 7/96 - 8/96. Salisbury Cathedral. Salisbury, England. Stone Conservation Intern. 7/95 - 9/95. British Museum. London, England. Stone Conservation Intern. 7/94 - 8/94. Peabody and Essex Museum. Salem, MA. Conservation Intern. 10/91 - 9/93. Old Sturbridge Village. Sturbridge, MA. Conservation Intern. 4/92 - 9/93.

PUBLICATIONS UNMIK Report: Condition of Mosques & Churches in Kosovo Used in part at War Crimes Tribunal. Hague 2002 Rendering and Pointing: Options for Limestone. Pedra & Cal, 7/00 Calcium Oxalate: A Surface Treatment for Limestone. Journal of Museum and Conservation Studies. 5/98

image upload

Hello Raffi! I'd like to ask, how I can upload a picture for an article (particularly the Armenian alphabet entry). Thanks! Andy

message for Raffi, problem with the entry "GM Goshgarian"

When one clicks on "Society and Culture" and then "People" in the main page, "G.M. Goshgarian" deos not appear in the list of "people," although "G.M. Goshgarian" does appear in the list accessible through the cateogry "Armenian individuals."

All done. --Raffi 08:26, 21 Aug 2006 (PDT)

Adding stuff

Hi Rafi - I am currently working on putting together all the information my parents and grandparents, who have gone on to a better life, left behind. I am very interested in preserving this rich history. My question is - what kinds of things would you like put on this site? I have a few pictures taken when my grandparents and mom were in Aintab, then other countries such as Beirut, Jerusalem, and even Italy. There is a little story that goes along with the pictures, what they were doing at the time, how my grandfather was running away from the Turkish army and so on. How much do you want? There is so much, I'm not sure where to start. Firstly, I have to figure out how to use this place. At least I got past the first part of registering :)

Another question - I have several tapes of my mom interviewing my grandma about their flight from Aintab to eventually France, then the U.S. However, my grandma spoke Turkish (hence my username of Yavrum) with Armenian words mixed in. I once paid a Turkish translator $600 to translate 4 tapes - and that was a discount. I was disappointed because she didn't understand the Armenian words and some things became confusing. Is there a place on here where I could advertise for a translator who speaks both Turkish and Armenian who charges a reasonable rate? Thanks so much.

Hi Yavrum, I suspect I'll be happy to have all of it on the site, so go nuts! As for the translation, yes, I recommend you use an Armenian from Turkey to translate so they can get it all. Go to the Agos website, where I suspect you can get help with this. If not, let me know, I'll try to find alternatives. Best, --Raffi 20:34, 24 Aug 2006 (PDT)

I' looking for a specific location in Armenia

Hello Mr. Raffi, I'm from Argentina and my grandfather was Armenian. He arrived to our country, escaping of turks, in 1918 o 1920. My grandfather died before I could know him and my father told my he lived in a town called Silicia or Cilicia (I don't know how to write it). I would like to know where is it in Armenia. Can you send me a map whit the location or some photographs of the place. Thank you. Noralis Asdurian.

Your grandfather did not come from a town named Cilicia, he came from a region called Cilicia. It is now in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea... My grandparents are also from there, also. The main towns are Marash, Adana, Hajin and Zeitun. Gessaria and Aintab were not far. --Raffi 19:53, 27 Aug 2006 (PDT)

Duplicate entry

Hi Raffi, I was updating some of the information about my website and noticed that there are two entries for my name, one with "Vahe Peroomian" and the other with "Vahé Peroomian". They had different content. I have consolidated the content, and the correct page shows up from both links on the Armenian Photography page and from the Armenian Individuals page. I can't delete the "Vahe Peroomian" page, though. Can you please do that for me? Thanks! Also, Asbarez published (September 9, 2006 issue) an article/photo essay I wrote on the unveiling of an 11th Century church in Kashatagh. Where would be an appropriate place to post this article? Thanks Vahé

Hi Vahe, I fixed the duplicate entry problem. As for the article, it could go under the name of the article on the Vahe Peroomian page, or under the name of the vank itself, and be linked from the Kashatagh page, or both... if I saw the article I could know better, but if you just put it online (even on your own page) I can sort it out for you. Best, --Raffi 11:43, 9 Sep 2006 (PDT)
Thanks Raffi. I added a page under Aghbradzor St. Grigor Church and placed a link under Lachin. Actually, placing the link was the only way I could find to start a new page... Thanks, Vahe.

Hey Raffi, I posted this on your take page on the Wikipedia article so I'll just post it again. Can I upload the image of the T-72 memorial in Shusha so I can use it for Wikipedia? Or can you do it so you can get rid of the formalities such as the licensing and removal of the Armeniapedia tag on the page and all? Thanks in advance.--MarshalBagramyan 14:53, 10 Sep 2006 (PDT)

Year of Armenia in France

Do you know this is the year of Armenia in France till july 2007 ?

Yes. --Raffi 19:48, 27 September 2006 (PDT)

People Altounian

Dear Raffi,

I just attempted to include an entry on Janine Altounian in the "People" section of the Armeniapedia. I'd appreciate your dropping me a line to let me know if I succeeded. At the moment, I can't get to the entry by searching "Altounian," and it's not listed under "Peole - A," but this may be because it is new.



Hello, Raffi jan i really dont know why i can not sign in to CILICIA CHATR OOM. I contact to the internet provider i was told that every thing is okay with the internet line. I contact to the manufactur of my computer they reboot the whole comuter over again. And i still can not get in to Cilicia chatroom. Would you please help me wit this isssue. Thank you in advance.

Cilicia chatroom

Dear RAffi would you please chesk mt IP adress make sure it is not blocked. Thank youi n advance.


Dear, Raffi please would you check my IP address make sure it is not blocked. I can not get into CILICIA CHATROOM. Thank you n advance.


Dear Raffi please would you check the IP address make sure it is not blocked. Thank you.

Procedure By Which To Become Listed With Armeniapedia?

Dear Raffi,

My name is Dr. A. Egon Cholakian. I serve as the Executive Director of the IRDFProject. The scope of my work is focused upon International Human trafficking and Organised Crime, and; it is undertaken in association with the Center for International Conflict Resolution of the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University - New York, NY USA (along with other strategic alliances). I would appreciate obtaining individual / organisation listing with Armeniapedia. To this same end, what need I do to acheive my desired goal? Also;

I would anticipate that the IRDFProject web-site will be up and running by the beginning of December 2006 (which will be linked to the Columbia University and Harvard University sites, etc.). At such time I would additionaly desire to link-up to the Armeniapedia site (with your permission?). Lastly;

If you happen to come into contact with any key individuals based in Armenia who deal with the subject of Human trafficking, please encourage them to initiate contact with my individual - Thank you.

Egon Cholakian

Thank you for the thank you

You're welcome. I plan on editing much more in the near future. This is actually quite an amazing tool to have -- an Armenian Wiki. I'm sure many more would contribute if they were aware of Armeniapedia's existence or Wiki-savvy. By the way, I like what you've done with the layout. It's beginning to look reminiscent of, which is how I found this site in the first place. Ishkhan 21:36, 21 October 2006 (PDT)