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One big, one small; for both see Talk:Armenian Attraction Ratings. Best, Bill Thayer 14:25, 26 Jan 2005 (PST)

Vandalism (sort of)

Hiya Raffi, I didn't see any mechanism like Wikipedia's "Votes for Deletion", and after all, for now certainly, you're the Horse's Mouth around here, so here are some candidates of mine:

There's nothing wrong with either page per page, but neither one has any content. I.e. — and I'm afraid I can't help at all! — who is Carzou, what is his career as a painter; and what exactly is Monte Cristo, if it's in Armenia at all, and in what way is it a gay venue? (I guess I actually could help a bit; at any rate, I googled and fixed the latter.)

This one, on the other hand — Ara Baliozian — is incomprehensible, irrelevant to Armenia, and not about anyone named Ara Baliozian, although it might be the name of the person who planted it there.

Best, Bill Thayer

I expanded on Monte Cristo, and need to get some info on Carzou (I think I have some stored on my hard drive somewhere). The gibberish on the Baliozian page is actually his writing in a very unorganized fashion. Each of his essays ought to be put onto a seperate page, but I haven't had time... --Raffi 17:20, 11 Feb 2005 (PST)