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To drop Raffi a note:

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Sites allowing Armeniapedia use of materials

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  1. Can I use material from -you can use it for your own private personal use and your classroom without asking permission. For use in publications and other websites - my policy is ASK ME FIRST! I usually say ok to requests to any use these materials with proper attribution, but not always. Same goes for photographs.
  2. Can I use material from on - again, you must ask, and again usually I am fine with it.
  3. Can I add material from Wikipedia onto Armeniapedia? -anytime, that is their policy, but please add the {{wikipedia}} tag to the bottom of the page to make sure the page complies with fair useage and gives proper credit.
  4. Can I add a page about myself? -sure, and any other Armenian or person place or thing related to Armenians!
  5. What if I want to add something, but maintain my copyright? -that is fine, just add it in a seperate section (or page) with the appropriate disclaimer and state that it should not be edited - though this type of material might eventually migrate to a sub page.
  6. How do I reach you? -I check this page often, so it is an ideal way to reach me. Also see contact page
  7. Who are you? -see the Raffi Kojian article

Feel free to ask anything else site related below... --Raffi 14:25, 21 Jan 2006 (PST)


Dear Raffi, My name is Setrak Setrakian, Composer and Pianist, I live in Beirut,

I have a page in Armaeniapedia, I be happy if you can add my photo on my page with great appreciation, also be kind and add my name to Armenian Hall of Fame.

Sincerely Setrak Setrakian