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Right and that is why you only have a few sites? yet Armenians have the support of hundreds of scholars and historians a few sites doesn't mean anything but historians do, people who actually have a profession in the subject. Before you start calling me a liar think why Turkey has the article 301 why they want to hide the Armenian Genocide, obviously because they want there side only to reach there peoples minds. Anyway you are ignorant by writing those comments, you only write what you want to hear and you don't want to listen to anything else, your goverment teaches you that Armenians are afraid to debate the Armenian Genocide which is pure nonsense. When you reach America one day or if you are there we will gladly debate no Armenian should debate in Turkey after the Hrant Dink murder by a Turkish guy or the death threats against the Armenian church leaders. --Nareklm 06:48, 30 August 2007 (PDT)

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