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Tania Chichmanian, is a Vancouver, Canada native who grew up in Montreal. She has been actively involved in a number of Armenian organizations including the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the Tekeyan Cultural Association and Zoryan Institute. She has over 25 years management experience in advocacy, the performing arts, communications, tourism, and television. Tania and her husband choreographer/artist Roudolf Kharatian relocated to Yerevan, Armenia in September 2009 after living in Washington, DC for 18 years. Prior to joining Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) as Executive Director in 2011, she worked as a television producer as well as a volunteer consultant for the National Ballet of Armenia and the Ballet 2021 Foundation. Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) - - is the premier volunteer placement organization based in Armenia, hosting interns and volunteers age 21 and up of all ethnicities, from around the globe for year-round internships and volunteering, and offering Professional Corps placements to anyone age 32 and up.