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Raffi Kojian is webmaster of, which he launched in fall 2004. is also Raffi's work, though it is being cannibalized by Armeniapedia, which will eventually contain all the information of, and add a lot more new information, while Cilicia will focus on interactive content like blogs, message boards and chat. The advantage of this new website format is that any visitor is able to contribute additional information quite easily. The name Armeniapedia, a union of the words Armenia and Encyclopedia, is easy to remember, and based on the name wikipedia.

Any questions about this site can be directed to Raffi here. Raffi, I posted a request on Wikipedia's discussion page to have the name "Artsakh" administrator named Golbez, rudely added, "It is. Stop trolling." I was not trolling, and angered by his accusation, I edited his accusation out...another administrator who goes by "Francis Tyers" who is very anti-Armenian (even his personal page specicifally includes ARMENIAN in his "list of nationalities I am NOT") seems to do this with "Golbez" as a team, and nothing favorable to Armenians can be said in the discussion page of Wikipedia's Nagorno-Karabakh do I find out the IP's of these two administrators and how do I report them to Wikipedia for being biased administrators? Please let me know.