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Dr. Nora Arissian

Nora Arissian is born in Damascus, Syria. Licenced of French Language and Literature from Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Damascus University In 1991 she had a Diploma of Translation and Interpretation from Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Damascus University In 2001 Nora Arissian had a Ph.D. in Modern History from The National Academy of Sciences of Armenia – Institute of Oriental Studies. Her main theme was the Armenian genocide in the Syrian sources, especially the press. She has participated in many conferences organized by the Genocide Institute, Yerevan State University and The National Academy of Sciences in Armenia. In Nov. 2002 and 2005 she presented papers in international conferences in UCLA – Armenian History Dep. She had lectured in Arabic and Armenian in Cultural centers and Armenian communities in Syria, Lebanon (Haigazian University), UAE, Jordan, Egypt (Cairo University)… Nora Arissian had a long experience in the Armenian Embassy in Damascus as secretary of Ambassador – chief of staff - and interpreter. She is a Professor at University of Damascus. She has many articles in Arabic in periodicals in Syria and Lebanon, and also in Armenian language in Syria, Lebanon and Armenia . She provides the Syrian Arabic Encyclopedia articles about Armenian literature. She is fluent in Arabic, Armenian, English and French . Dr. Nora Arissian’s publications in Arabic: - “The calamities of the Armenians in the Syrian mind – The position of the Syrian Intellectuals towards the Armenian Genocide”, Lebanon, 2002. - “The echoes of the Armenian Genocide in the Syrian Press 1877-1930”, Lebanon, 2004. She has tranlsated many books into Arabic such as: - Hagop Baronian’s “Kaghakavarutian Vnasnere”, 2004. - A documental book “Testimony of eyewitness”, 2005. - Harut Sassounian’s “The Armenian Genocide-The world speaks out”(from english), 2005 (from English). - “Against Azerbaijani anti-Armenian policy”, 2006. - Shahen Avakian’s “Karabakh Legal Aspects”, 2006. - Alfred DeZayas’ “The Armenian Genocide and the 1948 Convention”, 2006. - Kevork Apelian’s “Liftime Martyrdom - From Aram to Aram”, 2006. In 2006 she was awarded by Vahan Tekeyan medal. Dr. Nora Arissian is the first Armenian women member of the Arab Writer’s Union in Damascus.