Tsav Village

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Tsav (Arm: Ցավ), Syunik Marz

Tsav (148 p) is located on a picturesque part of the Tsav river. It has a church and, S of the river on a crag upstream from the village, a modest medieval Aghjkaberd, "Maiden Castle." Somewhere nearby is another fortress, Ghazaghan. The mountains on either side of the Tsav and Shikahogh river, with forests of oak and hornbeam, are included in the 100 sq. km. Shikahogh State Reserve. At the end of the road, Shishkert has 17-18th c. churches. Beyond Shishkert is said to be the beautiful M'dnadzor Canyon where the days are perpetual twilight (the sun never shines due to the N-S orientation of the tall canyon walls).

Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook