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Trndez Holiday Was Celebrated With Much Festivities in Javakhk

Akhalkalak, Georgia, February 14, 2007-Today, the Armenian Churches of Javakhk have held a holy mass to celebrate the traditional Armenian holiday, called Trndez.

Yesterday evening, during evening sermon, the priest supervising the festivity at the Armenian Church in Akhalkalak lit the candles standing on the table which were picked up and taken home by the Javakhk fateful at the end of the sermon, to bring the light of God to their family dwellings.

Head priest Father Babken Salbyan and the priest assisting him, Spiritual Shepherd Ter Samvel Torsyan, carried out the ceremony of blessing the newly wedded couples. The purpose of the blessing ceremony is to strengthen the love and devotion among the newly weds.

“Our church has celebrated Trndez with much festivity. We have called up the couples who have recently married, blessed them, prayed with them, read sermons and gave them holiday gifts, Bibles. After reading our sermons and finishing our blessings we took our burning candles and in a church procession walked out with torches to the court yard where we lit firewood brought in for the occasion”-said Father Babken Salbyan.

The burning of firewood was accompanied by a traditional Armenian circle dance accompanied with traditional Armenian drums and zurnas.

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