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==Notable Armenian Canadians that reside in Greater Toronto==
==Notable Armenian Canadians that reside in Greater Toronto==
*Nurhan Arman (conductor)
*[[Nurhan Arman]] (conductor)
*Sarkis Asadourian (former member of parliament)
*[[Sarkis Asadourian]] (former member of parliament)
*Raffi Astourian (illustrator)
*[[Raffi Astourian]] (illustrator)
*Hrant Alianak (playwright & actor)
*[[Hrant Alianak]] (playwright & actor)
*Isabel Bayrakdarian (opera soprano)
*[[Isabel Bayrakdarian]] (opera soprano)
*Cavouk (photographer)
*[[Cavouk]] (photographer)
*Onnig Cavouk (photographer)
*[[Onnig Cavouk]] (photographer)
*Atom Egoyan (filmmaker)
*[[Atom Egoyan]] (filmmaker & opera director)
*Isabel Kaprielian (academic)
*[[Isabel Kaprielian]] (academic)
*Arsine Khanjian (actress)
*[[Arsine Khanjian]] (actress)
*Richard Ouzounian (theatre critic)
*[[Richard Ouzounian]] (theatre critic)
*Edward Safarian (economist)
*[[Edward Safarian]] (economist)
*Garine Torosian (filmmaker)
*[[Garine Torosian]] (filmmaker)
*Michael Torosian (photographer)
*[[Michael Torosian]] (photographer)

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File:AGBUTorontoCenter.jpg Toronto is the capital of Ontario, Canada, and is home to an Armenian community of approximately 20,000 individuals. Between the 1920s and the 1980s, the majority of Armenian Canadians lived in the Toronto area. Today the Armenian community of Toronto is concentrated in the Victoria Park and Agincourt neighborhoods of the city.

There are four Armenian churches in Toronto (1 Diocese Apostolic, 1 Prelacy Apostolic, 1 Protestant, 1 Catholic) and there are other Armenian churchs in neighboring suburbs (including Mississauga).

The Armenian Apostolic (Prelacy) church on Victoria Park features a daycare, and is adjacent to the Armenian Community Centre which is affiliated with the Armenian National Committee (ANC). The church features a genocide monument by artist Arto Chakmajian.

The AGBU Toronto Center (aka The Alex Manoogian Center) at the intersection of Progress Avenue and Markham Road is adjacent to the AGBU Zaroukian Day School and the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church (Diocese). There is a genocide monument designed by a local Armenian Canadian architect.

Seven Oaks nursing home at Military Trail and Ellesmere Rd. in Scarborough opened in 1989 and serves 250 residents. A number of beds are designated for residents of Armenian heritage, and volunteers from the Armenian community are active in the home. Source: http://www.Toronto.ca/homesfortheaged/sevenoaks.htm

For more information on the history of Armenian Canadians, see Armenians in Ontario and Quebec.

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Notable Armenian Canadians that reside in Greater Toronto