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*Coached Israeli Boris Gelfand
*Coached Israeli Boris Gelfand
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Of all the world chess champions one of the most idiosyncratic was Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian (1929-84) - the champion from 1963 10 1969.

Petrosian allied a superb feeling for positional harmony, with a mastery of Aaron Nimzowitsch's doctrine of prophylaxis, which enabled him often to prevent opponents from undertaking an operation, long before it had even occurred to them.

Tigran Petrosian Memorial Internet Chess Tournament


Chess Academy of Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia
Contact: Aram Hajian
Web: http://www.petrosian2004.com

Re: The Tigran Petrosian Memorial Internet Chess Tournament

In homage to one of the greatest chess players of all time, the Chess Academy of Armenia is proud to hold a unique tournament honoring Armenia's favorite son. The former world champion, who passed away in 1984, would have been 75 this year and most probably quite impressed with Armenia's chess legacy he helped initiate and encourage.

The Tigran Petrosian Memorial Internet Tournament, the last in a series of tournaments dedicated to the memory of the 9th World Champion, includes a novel twist on the conventional tournament format customarily seen. The organizers have decided to host a tournament before the largest public audience possible, with the games themselves being played online. The national teams of France, China, Russia, and host country Armenia will square off via the internet, with each four-player team locking horns in a six round event. Tune in to www.petrosian2004.com for live games, commentary, and news about this exciting event. Total prize fund: $55,000. Games begin at 12:00 noon (Paris time), 14:00 (St. Petersburg), 15:00 (Yerevan), and 19:00 (Beijing) daily from December 18-23, 2004.

Sincerely, the Chess Academy of Armenia



  • Coached Israeli Boris Gelfand