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The Simpsons is an animated, long-running, popular TV sitcom.

References to Armenians

  • Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" episode, 1999: Features a "Chuck Garabedian" who has seminars on how to get high value items for cheap (from police auctions of murder evidence). He shares 12 savings secrets wall street won't tell you.
  • "Tennis the Menace" episode, 2001. Has Andre Agassi (and one of the Williams sisters).
  • "A Star is Born" episode, 2003. Has a "Chercrow". A scarecrow replica of Cher with music blaring.
  • In Season 9, episode 2, the school principal, Seymour Skinner turns out to actually be Armenian named Armin Tamzarian.
  • Episode "Million Dollar Abie", 2006, Season 17, episode 16. Grandpa Simpson is depressed and sees a doctor about it. The doctor (Dr. Egoyan, like Dr. Kevorkian, aka Dr. Death) suggests assisted suicide and hooks Grandpa up to the "DiePod", a spoof combining the iPod and Dr. Death's suicide machine.
  • In the episode "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed" (Season 21 : Ep. 16), during a tour of Jerusalem, the tour guide gets upset and declares there will be no visit to the Armenian Quarter. (minute:second = 7:35)
  • Episode "Judge me Tender", 2010, Judge Me Tender", Season 21 : Ep. 23, Moe is asked if he wants to be a judge of American Idol, and he replies "Armenian Idol? I love that show." The rep tells him no, and Moe, disappointed, says, "Aw, yeah, who's their "Igor Glumoff" (minute:second = 9:45)
  • Episode "The Ned-Liest Catch", 2011, shows Homer holding an "Armenian Express" credit card.
  • Episode "Lisa Goes Gaga, 2012. Season 23 finale episode 22, Lady Gaga says says “You’re All My Little Monsters” and Moe says “I’m half monster, half Armenian”.
  • Episode "22 for 30", 2017, Homer chews on a towel during Bart's basketball game, the way that famous coach Jerry Tarkanian did during his career coaching.