The Lithographic Inheritance of Nakhidjevan

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The second volume of "THE LITHOGRAPHIC INHERITANCE OF NAKHIDJEVAN", a study by Arkam Ayavazian, has been recently published by the Catholicosate of Cilicia. This volume presents the lithography of Akoulis, the well-known city which is present in so many songs of national struggle and liberation themes.

The cultural monuments of Akoulis, churches and monasteries, palaces, statues, khachkars, manuscripts, songs and music, stories and proverbs, which the ancient inhabitants of the city have left as heritage to their successor Armenian generations, have been documented in the volume.

A volume of 316 pages, 523 photographs and 715 lithographic inscriptions, the book constitutes an important and accurate source of the history and culture, socio-economic relations and language of medieval Armenia. The volume's publishing director is Dr. Zaven Yegavian.

This publication is very valuable and timely today when the historic khathckars of another part of Nakhichevan, Hin Jugha, are being viciously destroyed by barbaric Turks.

"THE LITHOGRAPHIC INHERITANCE OF NAKHIDJEVAN" is a series published by the collective efforts of the Catholicosate of Cilicia and the Department of Armenian Affairs of the Gulbenkian Foundation.

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