The Big Bang Theory

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Armenian references

Season 1, Episode 14

The Nerdvana Annihilation

Penny: ... Second of all, the door to the stairwell of the other building was locked, so I had to go down the fire escape, which ends on the third floor, forcing me to crawl through the window of a lovely Armenian family, who insisted I stay for lunch.

Leonard: That doesn't sound too bad.

Penny: It was eight courses of lamb, and they tried to fix me up with their son.

Leonard: I'm sorry.

Season 7, Episode 8

The Itchy Brain Simulation
Near the end of the episode

References to the very recently deceased Armenian video shop owner (Nerses Manoukian) who Leonard needs to find the family of to return a rented DVD of "Super Mario Bros, the Movie" to in order to make Sheldon happy.

Leonard says he spent all afternoon at the Armenian Church where the funeral mass was held [in order to look for relatives to return the DVD to], which according to Father Sovakian(?), nobody attended. Leonard then says "luckily his trip wasn't a complete waste, I lit a candle and prayed for your death, but I'm not Armenian so it won't work!"

Sheldon suggests Leonard "look for long-lost relatives, either in Armenia or Lebanon". Leonard doesn't want to go to Lebanon to return Super Mario Bros., the Movie. Sheldon suggests it might be fun, since he loves hummus.

It then turns out that Sheldon paid for the unreturned DVD 7 years earlier, and was just teaching Leonard a lesson.

Season 12, Episode 14

At the Altadena Planning Office's desk on zoning, the city employee tells Howard and Bernadette are told that the form they need to fill out is available in Armenian, followed by a list of other languages.