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Terry Phillips is an author and journalist. His work as a network news correspondent has often taken him into conflict zones around the world.

Phillips was born Terence George Phillipidis in Fresno, California. He is the son of Arousyag (neé Amanatian), whose parents were immigrants from Anatolia; and Gregorios Phillipidis, a Greco-Armenian refugee whose family escaped from the 1922 Smyrna conflagration.

Phillips first worked as a reporter for KTEH, the public television station in Silicon Valley. Prompted by the 1988 Spitak earthquake, he moved to the USSR and became one of the first American journalists to cover the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. As a foreign correspondent, he covered the collapse of the Soviet Empire for CBS News while based in Moscow and regularly reported for NPR, Monitor Radio and NBC/Mutual. Overseas assignments included conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia and Haiti.

In 1996, Phillips took a hiatus from daily news to work as a public affairs executive in the wireless telecommunications industry. He published the innovative book, Wireless Etiquette: A Guide to the Changing World of Instant Communication (Omnipoint Books, 1999).

Phillips wrote Murder at the Altar (Hye Books, 2008), a historical novel based on the 1933 assassination of Archbishop Ghevont Tourian. His groundbreaking book resulted from five years of research and is the definitive work on this highly controversial subject.

For five years, Phillips served as host for “Quality of Life” – a live, news/talk series on the public radio stations in Central California. In June 2009, he broadcast the program live from Yerevan which discussed political corruption in the Armenian electoral process. In 2011, during a series of scandals involving NPR, he wrote an op-ed piece critical of financial influences on news content. A week later, he was fired.

Phillips is the author of Off the Air: Thoughts About Our Quality of Life (Hye Books, 2011), a compilation of his radio commentaries. He is a regular contributor to the Hellenic Journal.

In 2012, Phillips was an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives 23rd district in California's Central Valley. He came in second against the incumbent, winning nearly 27 percent of the total votes.

For more than ten years, he has been co-host of the Armenia Fund global telethon, helping to raise tens of millions of dollars for the homeland.