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you should mention also Avo Uvezian a very famous cigar producer in domincan republics

Ardashes Aykanian invented the flexible straw ("Bendi-straw"), the spoon straw, foam-core, the blue strip on car windshields, the first form of Tupperware, and many more patent involving plastics. He also invented the machine that would produce the first plastic Coca-Cola bottle, as well as many other machines that produce items we use everyday. On a chemical note, Ardashes Aykanian was in the first group of scientists that ever extracted Uraniun.

Mher Mkrtchian era un actor muy pero muy reconocido en todo el mundo entodas las dinastias armenias y fue un hombre mas que querido por el pueblo armenio ....y no puede faltar en su enciclopedia. yo soy la nieta Iren Terterian mi

Not mentioned on lists: Pop singer-Kay Armen, Opera Singer - Cathy Berberian, Author(The Smyrna Affair)- Marjorie Housepian, Author- Peter Balakian, Sculptor- Raoul Hague, Sculptor- Ruben Nakian, Author- Carol Edgarian . I'm sure there are others. And Sculptor- Koren Der Harootian