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"ե + ւ" was written as "և" ever since lower case Armenian letters were invented in 10th century.

Here are pictures of a few ancient handwritten Armenian manuscripts:

every single one of them uses «և» ligature.

Here are a few pages from the first printed Armenian book:


and again they all use «և» ligature (among many others).

In fact in Grabar if «ե + ւ» is written as «ե ւ» it is pronounced as "yo" or "yu" for example «ե ւթ» is pronounced as "yot" (number 7) or «հարե ւր» (haryur -> "hundred"). However, whenever it was supposed to be pronounced as "ev" it was always written as one symbol և․ This is a basic rule of Classical (Grabar) Armenian, Middle Armenian, and also the modern Eastern and Western Armenian.

«ե ւ» type of writing is a fairly recent invention. I assume it was caused by the fact that old PC software was not able to deal with ligatures very well.

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