Talin Town

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Talin (Arm: Թալին), Aragatsotn Marz

Talin Church

Turning from the main road toward Talin (4981 p), the right turn just before the fountains in the town square leads to a large cemetery in which are the impressive remains of an important cathedral church* =70= (39 49.75n x 045 21.87e) very similar to the 7th c. church at Aruch . Nearby is a smaller S. Astvatsatsin church, built in the 7th c. According to the inscription, "I Nerseh the patrician proconsul, lord of Shirak and Asharunik, built this church in the name of the Holy Mother of God for her intercession for me and my wife Shushan and Hrapat my son." Two Nersehs are attested as Byzantine governor, one from the reign of the Emperor Heraclius in 639, the other from the reign of Justinian II in 689. Somewhere in the vicinity are remnants of a medieval castle. [Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook.]