Tagh siroy

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Tagh siroy (Love Song)

Angel of sacred body
jewel set in Gold,
more than Seth and Absolom
more than Joseph, you I admire.
Mouth a fruit-like gem,
a branch bending under its bounty,
supple blossoming rose bush,
fig tree, charming flower, white lilly.
Brows curved like sabers,
lashes like tender daggers,
as you break a thousand hearts,
oh my divine flower, my hyancinth.
My graceful peacock, my vibrating bird,
my warbling partridge, my swallow,
my nightingale, my frail turtledove,
angelic morning breeze.
Gold jewel of India,
I bend towards you and seek you out,
I implore you, and burn for you desperately,
secretly, without anyone knowing.
Your love wounded my heart.
I exist, a red-hot forge
and flames fill my heart.
oh my divine, appear before me!
Waist like a thin willow,
teeth pearls of snow,
you are grace and sweet fruit--
how I yearn to hear your voice!
You’re as rigid as a reed,
Your brows are arches,
your eyes, pools of light
where forever, I am lost.
Your steel bladed brows
pierced me with their pure metal,
and you struck at me like hailstones.
I die needlessly.
Lips of cherry and peach,
incense, cinnamon, lily and mint
aloe, sandalwood, diamond,
my star, my clearest Venus.
My sunflower turning in daylight
My Eden, my grenade and plane tree,
Egyptian sugar cane
is sweet like your song
but its stem can also break us.
Piercing April violet
flaming and cruel rose,
you trace your path in the sky
like the moon and the sun.

Translation by Christopher Atamian