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Tabriz, in Northern Iran, Eastern Azerbaijan Ostan, has had an Armenian community for centuries. From a high of over 30,000 in the early 20th century, the community now numbers in the hundreds.

The community still maintains 3 churches and a chapel, as well as the church headquarter, kindergarten, school and Ararat club.

The churches are S. Astvatsatsin Church, S. Sarkis Church, S. Shoghagat Church and there is also a S. Astvatsatsin Chapel.

The Road to Home, by Vartan Gregorian (ISBN 068480834X) has an entire chapter dedicated to what the Armenian community was like in Tabriz during his childhood.

One of the central districts is named Baron Avak, after an Armenian man.

The architect of the city's iconic city hall was an Armenian by the name of Avedis.

Armenians of Tabriz

Armenians who were born or who have lived in Tabriz:

Alexander Mantashev, Hrachia Stepanyan, Vartan Gregorian

Armenians who's ancestors are from Tabriz:

Vartan Gregorian