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*[http://www.sana.org/eng/21/2007/01/21/97827.htm Syria Signs Economic and Trade Agreements with Armenia]
*[http://www.sana.org/eng/21/2007/01/21/97827.htm Syria Signs Economic and Trade Agreements with Armenia]
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Armenian Communities in:

Important memorial to the victims of the Armenian Genocide in the Der El Zor Desert, where many of the survivors of the death marches perished.

Armenian Ambassador describes Syrian-Armenian relations as deep-rooted

November 06, 2007 DAMASCUS, SANA- Armenian Ambassador in Damascus Archad Boladian stressed importance of the bilateral relations between Syria and Armenia in various domains, expressing his country's desire to bolster these relations in the interest of both countries.

In a statement to SANA reporter Tuesday on the occasion of Armenia's National Day, Boladian said that "Syria and Armenia are linked with historical ties", He asserted that the two countries hold political consultations and coordination at the international forums and organizations.

He stressed Syria's pivotal role regarding the pending issues in the region, pointing out that Syria seeks to find peaceful solutions to all issues on regional and international levels, stressing Syria's and Armenia's identical views on this regard.

He said that chairman of the Armenian-Syrian joint committee heading a high level delegation will be visiting Damascus to chair his country's side in the meetings of the 4th session of the joint committee.

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