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Sam Samuelian at opening of new Square One at Zvartnots Airport

A popular American style diner on Abovian Street, a block from Republic Square. Owned by Diasporan Armenians from the Middle East, Square One opened its doors in the summer of 2004. Initially attracting mainly western expats, the clientele now comes from all over, and getting seats can be hard on some nights. In March 2006 a small upstairs non-smoking lofted lounge was opened with sofa seating. Costs between $3-9 per plate.

Address: 1/3 Abovian Street
Phone: (+374-10) 56-61-69

A second Square One was opened in July, 2006 at Zvartnots International Airport departure area.

Square One also manages cafeteria operations in Yerevan - at the US embassy, at the AUA Business Center and at Vivacell headquarters.

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