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  • Azerbaijan|Azerbaijan]], [[Map of Armenian Sites in Middle East|Middle East]], [[Map of Armenian Sites in Western Europe|Western Europe]], [[Map of Arm
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  • *[ East Meets West] *[ Hye Trent] The ramblings of a Lebanese-born, Middle Eastern Armenian Queer Transguy
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  • ...vsisyan, "Sacred Highland: Armenia in the spiritual conception of the Near East", Yerevan, 2000; Martiros Kavoukjian, "The Genesis of Armenian People", Mon ...the Greeks and Romans to the west and the Persians and Arabs of the Middle East. It reached its greatest size and influence under King Tigran II, also know
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  • East from Yeraskh -- S. Karapet Monastery (Map C inset) East from Martuni -- Teyseba and Vanevan (Map F, G)<BR>
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  • ...and East (3916m) forming the rim of a volcanic crater. Between South and East summits the crater wall is broken, and a stream flows down to the village o ...fortifications closing off the promontory, and caves in the gorge below. East from the village council building on finds the battered walls of a second e
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  • ...Menua, King of Urartu in the year 782, the first Urartian conquest on the East side of the Arax. We know this on the basis of a cuneiform inscription dis Accessible from the street running behind the State History Museum is the <B>Middle Eastern Museum</B> and Museum of Literature. The former has an interesting
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  • ...fishponds of Armash are one of the Caucasus's richest spots for birders. East from Yeraskh, a fold of Mt. Urts shelters the virtually unknown S. [[Karape ...he Russian conquest, most of the villages retained Turkish names until the middle of this century, and the last Azerbaijani villages became Armenian only wit
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  • ...20 BC. A number of boundary markers of Artashes I written in Aramaic, the Middle Eastern lingua franca, show the presence of the Arsacid dynasty in Hellenis ...10e), possibly dated to the 3rd millennium BC. Sev Sar, the mountain just East, also has important petroglyphs. Two other interesting petroglyphs can be
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  • ...ia’s history when, poised between the Mediterranean world and the Middle East, it opted culturally as well as politically for the former. ...our of which had apses at their end walls. The first apsidal room from the east was a dressing room, the second one, a cold water bathroom, the third and f
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  • ...asar and Stepanavan, but locals are highly skeptical that it is passible. East on the main road to [[Vanadzor]], following the Pambak river and the railro ...irgin Mary, the sin of Deisus is pictured. The bell-tower/mausoleum in the middle of the complex was built in 1279 to house the tombs of Mkhargryel and his w
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  • ...c. BC contained rich grave goods. On the plateau east of town is a large Middle Bronze through Early Iron Age cemetery. ...village on a hill are remains of Berdategh ruined castle. There is also a Middle Bronze Age tomb field. From Aghitu, a fork left allegedly climbs to <B>Nor
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  • ===East From Dilijan -- Haghartsin, Goshavank (Section 3; Map N)=== ...a shield-shaped rosette and eight-pointed Starr filling the corners of the middle-cross section-show clearly. The intricate openwork ornaments vary - a clear
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  • ...ttered khachkars, gravestones. It is situated approximately in 6km towards east from the village. *Yeghtsudzor (church’ ravine). Is situated in 3km towards east from the village. On the ravine’s slope remain ruins of a church, built f
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  • ...ber of passages start from different sides of this hall. The passage going east connects the large hall with the next one. At some point in time the human <B>Tstsakhach</B> or Taghlar grotto is situated in 1km towards south-east from Mets Taghlar (3km SW of Azokh Cave), by the side of the road, directly
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  • ...rom the ruined palace, there are two churches built side by side. They are middle-size basilicas, near the southern one of which is the vestibule- hall, and Vatchar- the village by this name is situated towards east from Gandzasar, in the eastern part of Tsmakahogh village, on the left bank
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  • .... The half-vaulted squared beam has a special interesting solution. In the middle is a cross, around it are chess-shape ornaments and on two sides are placed Holy Virgin church is situated in the middle of village Hatsi. It's a vaulted, high and large church. For many years it
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  • Towards south-east from village Karintak stretches the second by size mountain-ridge- Kirs. On To Shushi from east joins vilalge Shosh- Shushikend, which is mentioned in inscriptions of earl
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  • ...later, with many Armenians choosing to leave with them, and settle in the East. Two other islands on the east side of the lake, Lim and Ktuts also have monasteries, but no regular ferri
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  • *1992-1998 RoA Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Head of Middle East Division, Head of Northern America Division, Head of USA and Canada Departm
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  • ...the early 1990's before becoming a lounge singer at resorts in the Middle East. While performing in Damascus, she observed that young Syrians knew the wor
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