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  • ...canyons - Tartar and Khachenaget - hundreds of standing and half-destroyed historic-architectural constructions, which symbolize the building soul of an Armeni ...eral Ritishev. Gyulistan became the witness of a most important historical event. In this very place since October 2 to 12 of 1813 were carried on negotiati
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  • to preserve it as an historic landmark. ...million Armenians, more than half of the Armenian population living in its historic homeland. The overwhelming majority of Armenians living in San Francisco an
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  • |Photo caption=historic event of the first MRI machine historic event of the first MRI machine
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  • [[Category: Historic Event]]
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  • ...anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The three hour program, held in the historic Senate Caucus Room, was sponsored by Sen. Reed, Representatives David Bonio ...rvivor Noyemzar Alexanian who had traveled from Rhode Island to attend the event. "Mrs. Alexanian was only six years old when her village was surrounded by
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  • ...ropean Union and the United States. The U.S. State Department called it “historic.” ...ay, he told Radio France Internationale that its passage "would rectify an historic injustice (and) honor France as well as the Armenian victims."
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  • civilizations of the eastern Mediterranean suddenly collapsed, an event ...BC (Navasard) near the mountains of Lake Van, in the southwestern part of historic Armenia (present-day eastern Turkey). His story is told in the History of A
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  • ...ers Talaat or another Turk in the street, would that not be such startling event that news of it would spread like wildfire among the Armenians? Did the def ...ning to the deportation of the Armenians was given on May 20, 1915. In any event it was the result of a decision of the Young Turk committee and it had the
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  • ...irst World War, and New Zealand's historic, but forgotten, links with this event.''
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  • Pilgrims from the Eastern Diocese Visit Istanbul's Historic Armenian On the final leg of a pilgrimage to historic Armenian sites in present-day
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  • * The Incarnation of the Gospel in Cultures: A Missionary Event, 1995, Beirut (in English), Catholicos Aram I Arrives in Los Angeles to Begin Historic US Visit
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  • The articles and documents exhibited in the next halls, illustrate a signal event in the history of the Armenian people—the incorporation of Eastern Armeni ...iantly the age-long friendship of the Armenian and Russian peoples and the historic act of incorporating Eastern Armenia into Russia. The portraits of the Deka
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  • ...o when Dennis played at the San Diego Billy Graham Mission. This momentous event was televised and broadcast to all our U.S. Military across the globe. ...nessee - Nationally Televised on GMA from the CCMA Awards Show held at the historic Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium.
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  • ...people,” Putin said Wednesday in a written message to participants of an event in Moscow dedicated to the genocide centennial. The Moscow event saluted by Putin was organized by the pro-Kremlin Union of Armenians of Rus
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  • ...jects. One of Mr. Cafesjian’s first projects was the preservation of the historic State Fair carousel in St. Paul, Minnesota. His leadership and a significan ...he donated one million dollars to prevent the dismantling and sale of the historic State Fair Carousel which now bears his name. In 2000, he donated an additi
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  • and surrender; They are not and never have been; and we, as a great and historic nation, should be prepared to allow the Turks to possess the same sentiment ...taxation and commerce! It is, of course, always easy to prophesy after the event, but I do think that the efforts our various Ottoman associations, so devot
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  • historic events to erect a landmark stone that stays for posterity. Yaroslavsky -- attended the gala event.
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  • ...though it will be, Quba Mere Diwane is not intended to overshadow Iraq’s historic Yazidi temples, stressed the Yazidi National Union’s Hajoian. “There wi Thousands of Yezidi Kurds from Armenia and Georgia attended the event
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  • Fresno State students during a Genocide commemoration event Armenian churches in the historic homeland of the Armenian people. As
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  • '''''Historic Precedents''''' ...however, we were allowed to remain at Mush. I received permission, in the event of our leaving Mush, to take the Armenians of our orphanage with us; but wh
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